Sarah Schenk

Aesthetician located in Brighton, MI

Sarah Schenk offers her expert aesthetic services to residents of Brighton, Michigan, at Gago Wellness. Formally trained at Douglas J Aveda, Sarah has been a licensed medical aesthetician for over six years. She joined the Gago Wellness team because of their advanced technology in skin care and the personalized treatment that the practice provides to clients. Having experienced acne in her adult years as well as in her youth, she understands how the state of a person’s skin can affect their confidence. She constantly works to help clients love the skin they’re in.

Sarah loves the Forever Young treatment offered at Gago Wellness because of how customized it is for each individual, targeting a wide variety of issues in just one treatment. The Forever Young treatment is all about achieving healthier skin, reducing redness and inflammation, slowing down the clock of aging, and reducing sun damage. The treatment leaves each person’s skin with an amazing post-treatment glow.

Sarah uses Gago Wellness’s unique consultation process to assess each client’s skin and areas of concern to develop the best-specialized care plan using the practice’s cutting-edge technology.