You Don't Have to Live with Acne — Get Rid of It with BBL

Whether you’re a teen dealing with the physical, social, and emotional effects of acne, or you’re an adult still fighting what most consider an adolescent affliction, you’ve probably tried every remedy available in drugstores and online. If so, you’ve joined a club that includes more than 80% of Americans, who spend upwards of $3 billion a year trying to get rid of acne, according to one global report.

Break ranks and stop wasting your time and money on those ineffective remedies. At Gago Wellness, we specialize in getting to the root of your skin issues, like persistent acne, and banishing the problems while carefully caring for your skin. We use the power of light provided by Forever Clear Broadband Light® BBL to clear up your acne deep within your skin so you can finally discover fresh, clear radiance.

Understanding acne

When you have an acne outbreak and see those hallmark pustules pop up all over your face, shoulders, and back, what you’re really seeing is the result of oil and dirt plugging up the hair follicles under your skin. Acne takes on several forms; here are some of the most common:

The reason adolescent teens tend to get acne is that the fluctuating hormones of puberty are one of the main instigators in the excess secretion of sebum, the oil guilty of clogging your pores.

But adults get acne, too, because in addition to hormones, diet, stress, genetics, medications, and other factors also contribute to outbreaks.

How BBL stops acne

Broadband Light is the most powerful and most effective version of intense pulsed light therapy available. It sends healing light to the deepest layers of your skin to stimulate cell regrowth. BBL draws on different types of light to target your problem areas, and when it comes to acne, we focus on three in particular — blue, yellow, and infrared.


We start your treatment by using blue light to go down into your pores and kill the bacteria that are clogging your follicles and causing infections.


Yellow light is used next to calm redness and inflammation in your skin so you can see a difference right away.


We finish your session with infrared light in quick pulses, which prompts your skin to go into a healing mode, producing more natural collagen.

How BBL reduces the appearance of acne scarring

If you’ve had acne for some time, you may have scarred skin. Whether your scars appear as discolorations or textural differences like pock marks and divots, Forever Young BBL can greatly diminish their appearance.

With specialized filters, we can use light to stimulate your body’s own healing mechanisms and amplify the healing process so that your scarred skin rejuvenates itself. BBL encourages the production of collagen, peptides, and elastin — essential elements in your skin’s youthful resilience and radiancy.

And because we use CoolComfort™ technology, you can rest assured that during your treatment sessions, you will be completely comfortable, and your skin will be 100% safe. 

BBL compared to other treatment options

We don’t have to tell you that over-the-counter topical treatments are too mild to make much of a difference in severe acne, and they don’t help at all with scarring.

Prescription creams and ointments may be a bit more powerful, but they still rely on a top-down approach.

Oral medications may address your infections, but they can’t do much to curb your clogged pores, and they certainly don’t do a thing about scarring.

BBL goes to the heart of the problem with a noninvasive, nonmedical procedure that targets the bacteria, eliminates inflammation, and reduces scarring. No other treatment does all that.

Choosing BBL — the next step

If you’re ready to kick your acne to the curb, call our office at 810-315-6863 and schedule a consultation with our expert team of aestheticians or request an appointment online. In a few short sessions, you can have clearer, smoother, healthier skin. 


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