Why Votiva® Might Be the Answer to Improving Your Sex Life

Recent studies show that one in every six women experiences vaginal relaxation, a condition that occurs with aging and childbirth. Childbirth can contribute to the problem because it stretches and traumatizes the tissues. Aging can result in thinner tissues and dryness. Unfortunately for many women, a relaxed vagina means decreased pleasure and confidence during sex, and for some, it means dryness and pain. 

For years, the only solution was a surgical procedure called vaginoplasty, but now, there’s a nonsurgical way to firm your vagina and optimize your sex experience. — Votiva®. At Gago Wellness in Brighton, Michigan, our team of master aestheticians is highly experienced and qualified to administer this rejuvenating treatment that’s sure to recharge your sex life. 

Why do some women lose interest in sex?

Although relationship problems, daily stress and fatigue, and certain medical conditions can affect a woman’s sexual health, one of the main reasons women stop enjoying sex is that their vagina has changed. 

You may not even realize that the skin and muscles in your vagina and urinary tract are the problem, but they play an important role not only in the act of sex, but in other vaginal and urinary functions as well. When your skin thins and relaxes, your muscles lose their tone, you may experience:

What factors change the vaginal tissues?

The main reason women experience vaginal atrophy is the decreased production of estrogen as they age. Although the symptoms tend to intensify after menopause, you may begin to feel the effects even during perimenopause. The technical term is genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM), and it affects about 70% of all women.

Having babies can also take its toll on your vaginal tissues. If you’ve given birth multiple times, delivered exceptionally large babies, or forceps were used during your deliveries, you may have lost vaginal strength.

Aging is another factor that relaxes the vaginal tissues. Your body naturally slows down its production of collagen and elastin as you age. Because these are the two essential proteins that give your skin its strength, structure, and resilience, the loss can be seen and felt all over. If you see fine lines and wrinkles on your face and have noticed that your skin has thinned and begun to relax, you can rest assured that the same thing is happening in your vagina.

How can Votiva restore my sex life?

If your vagina has seen better days, it may just need a boost of collagen and elastin. Votiva gets your flow going again by sending radiofrequency energy through the outer layer of skin and down to the deeper dermis where collagen is made and stored. Collagen production is increased, tissues thicken and blood flow increases.

Two specific technologies, FormaV® and FractoraV®, work together to treat your vaginal mucosa (mucus membranes) and the labial tissues. We use a slim sterile wand that painlessly slips into your vaginal canal and delivers the radiofrequency energy. Once it reaches its target tissues, it gently heats them to stimulate your body’s own healing properties and strengthen and tone the tissues. 

The treatment also triggers a new and more plentiful production of collagen and elastin, so you experience the ongoing results for months. It may take 2-3 sessions to deliver optimal results, but you can count on about a year’s worth of vaginal improvement. At that point, you simply come back in for a yearly maintenance session.

If your sex life isn’t what it used to be, you can get it back with Votiva. To find out if you’re a good candidate, call us at 810-315-6863, or request an appointment online today. 


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