What to Expect during a Hair Reduction Session

Smooth skin is a thing of beauty, but achieving it can be painful. What’s worse, traditional methods only work for a while before you have to do it again...and again. 

That’s why our experienced team of professional aestheticians at Gago Wellness in Brighton, Michigan has chosen Forever Bare™ BBL as our treatment of choice for clients seeking safe, effective, permanent hair reduction. We believe that beauty is personal and that your aesthetic goals deserve our utmost respect and professionalism. At our state-of-the-art facility, you can expect a full range of cosmetic services that address your appearance and your sexual health. And when it comes to hair reduction, you can expect the attention to detail and advanced technology that’s the hallmark of our practice.  

Expect a comfortable experience

Perhaps the worst part of getting rid of hair is the pain. Whether you get nicked by a razor or traumatized by hot wax, hair removal is a risky business. 

But Forever Bare BBL is different. This revolutionary technology uses low pulses of light at a high repetition rate to target your hair follicles and stop them from producing hair. Although it may sound just as painful as other methods, it’s actually a very pleasant sensation. In fact, many of our clients tell us they feel like they’re getting a hot stone massage.

That's because the patented Forever Bare BBL handpiece includes a sapphire plate that cools and protects your skin, so only the follicles underneath get zapped. Who knew hair removal could feel like a trip to the spa?

We also have multiple adapters for the Forever Bare BBL instrument so we can treat hard-to-reach areas. These are all outfitted with smooth edges to make sure you don’t feel any discomfort as we glide the handpiece across your skin. 

Expect it to be safe and protective

If our Forever Bare BBL hair reduction treatment were to apply constant heat all at once, it would burn your skin. After all, this is laser therapy, and it’s very powerful technology. But we use Forever Bare BBL because it emits multiple bursts of light energy; we can control where it goes and how it affects the temperature of your skin. We gradually raise the heat level until it reaches the point where it can destroy the hair follicles while keeping the surrounding tissues safe from harm. 

Expect it to be quick

Laser therapy is not a new aesthetic treatment, but technological advances have made some systems better than others. Our Forever Bare BBL system is able to treat the tiniest spots with precision and also cover larger areas (15X45 mm) with the same accuracy. That means you get more hair removed in less time. On average, we can treat your whole face in less than 15 minutes

Expect it to work on most skin

Not all hair removal methods are safe for all skin types. Some may leave marks or patches of discoloration on darker skin tones. But Forever Bare BBL is ideal for men and women with dark brown skin up to type V on the Fitpatrick scale

Expect to come back a few times

Your hair grows in stages, so no treatment can get it all at once. During your first visit, we treat all the hair that’s showing. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, we see you again in a month or two for the next session. It usually takes 35 visits to completely rid an area of unwanted hair. 

Expect lasting results

While our amazing Forever Bare BBL treatment may not make you hairless for the rest of your life, you can expect a good 10 years of smooth skin and razor-free showers. 

If Forever Bare BBL’s promise of touchable, smooth skin sounds like the painless way you’d like to approach hair reduction, call us at 810-315-6863 or request a consultation online to find out more. 


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