What is a Photofacial and What Can it do for Me?

Learn how a photofacial can enhance your skin.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to enjoy youthful skin for a lifetime? You can with a photofacial using Forever Young BBL™. BBL sets new standards in treating skin condition's associated with aging, active lifestyles, and sun damage. So it's no wonder that photofacials are so popular.

The in-office treatment uses intense pulsed light energy to work wonders within your skin, without the need for downtime. If you’re seeking a refreshed or more youthful look yet don’t want to go through the hassle, risks, or higher expense related to cosmetic surgery, photofacials may be just what the doctor ordered.

To schedule a consultation or start benefiting from photofacial treatments, call us at Gago Wellness or use our online booking feature to set an appointment.

How photofacials work

During your photofacial, concentrated light penetrates into the skin, targeting pigment production in cells below the surface of your skin. This light energy turns into heat energy that destroys hyperactive melanin-producing cells, which reduces unwanted pigment abnormalities. It also boosts your skin's ability to fend off aging by activating particular genes that no cream or lotion can affect.

Photofacial benefits

A photofacial basically revitalizes your skin’s surface. Its impact on cells within your skin can lead to the reduction of:

It can be useful not only in your facial region, but your hands, neck, chest, and shoulders.

What to expect during and after your photofacial

At Gago Wellness, we provide Forever Young BBL™ photofacials. This powerful, cutting-edge treatment is quick and gentle. During your 30-minute session, you notice a warm sensation, which is generally well-tolerated. BBL requires fewer treatments to achieve visible and superior result than IPL

You might notice some mild redness in the treatment area after your treatment, which diminishes on its own within several hours. You can go straight back to your usual activities and can even wear makeup shortly after. Benefits then appear gradually for up to three months.

Your photofacial treatment plan

It’s natural to wonder how many photofacials you’ll need, but each Forever Young BBL treatment plan is unique. Your provider may recommend one or multiple sessions, based on factors such as the intensity of your symptoms and your desired r.vesults. Once you reach your preferred look, you may benefit from a yearly maintenance treatment.

Safety of photofacials

While all aesthetic treatments bring some amount of risk, photofacials are a lot less risky than invasive procedures such as surgery. Possible side effects — such as bruising, blisters, and scabbing — tend to be temporary and easily manageable. Working with a skilled and experienced practitioner is the best way to lower your risk for unwanted complications.

Learn more by contacting our office or scheduling an appointment online. We offer free consultations. Our experienced team at Gago Wellness in Brighton, Michigan, would love to help you reach your aesthetic skin goals with ease.


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