The Benefits of Forever Young™ BBL for Your Face

Women and men around the world shell out a lot of money to keep their skin looking good, driving the skin care market to more than $135 billion a year and growing. And that would make sense if the products worked, but most of them struggle to live up to their hype. That’s because, like beauty, their effectiveness is only skin deep.

Unless you use a prescription product containing Retin-A, there’s not much topical products can do for your skin damage and wrinkles. You won’t find a solution to long-term sun damage and aging on the drugstore shelf, but you will find it at Gago Wellness in Brighton, Michigan.

Our team of expert aestheticians performs a detailed analysis to determine exactly what your skin needs, and we offer a full line of treatments to help you reclaim a more youthful look on your face. One of our most popular treatments — Forever Young BroadBand Light™ (BBL) — addresses several facial concerns at once. Here are some of the advantages of this intense pulsed light therapy (IPL), also known as a photofacial.


Forever Young BBL is light therapy — that means it uses the power in light to penetrate the layers of your skin without damaging it. No needles, no knives, just light. Once the beams reach targeted tissues beneath the surface, they gently heat the damaged or unwanted cells and destroy them.

No chemicals

Although some dermatological conditions may require antibiotics or other prescription-strength medications, normal skin — even wrinkled, spotted, and aging skin — shouldn’t need medication to repair itself. But it may need a helping hand. Forever Young BBL gives your skin the healing boost it needs to protect and heal itself without chemicals and drugs.


As your skin loses essential fat, it gets thinner and drier, which is how wrinkles form. Like a deflated latex balloon, the loss of volume leaves the skin shriveled and rough. But Forever Young BBL stimulates cell renewal, which rejuvenates your skin, shrinks pores, smooths out wrinkles, and brightens your tone.

Pigmentation problems

One of the hallmarks of young skin is its flawless, even tone. But as you age, clumps of melanin (pigment) form age spots, you take on a ruddy complexion, and small capillaries break and show through increasingly transparent skin. Forever Young BBL specializes in these pigmentation problems and targets the source, heating it to the point of destruction, and marking it for removal. This treatment can reduce:

Whether you’re plagued with patches of dark skin or rosy cheeks that won’t stop flushing, we can help restore a more even skin tone.


Acne occurs when your pores get clogged with bacteria, oil, and debris such as dirt and dead skin cells. Forever Young BBL neutralizes bacteria and clears out your pores. It also helps control your oil production to keep your acne problem to a minimum.

Visible changes

So many skin care products offer too little, too late. They take months to kick in and then give you barely noticeable improvement. Forever Young BBL gives you immediate gratification — results are instant, dramatic, and last for 10 years or more.

Skin Tightening

Aging skin is notorious for drooping and sagging. You can blame loss of the proteins collagen and elastin for that. These two powerful proteins give your skin its strength, structure, and resilience, so when they’re gone, your skin loses its foundation, and gravity goes to work. IPL therapy triggers your body to crank up its production of these proteins once again, so you’ll notice ongoing restoration of natural plumpness, which tightens the outer layer of your skin.

Hair removal

If you have pesky facial hair you want to get rid of for good, stop plucking, tweezing, and shaving, and above all, stop using harsh chemicals to dissolve the surface hair. Forever Young BBL eliminates unwanted hair by destroying the follicles under the surface of your skin so the hairs won’t ever grow back again.

No downtime

Unlike other cosmetic treatments, Forever Young BBL doesn’t require you to hide in seclusion while your procedure heals or your swelling subsides. At most, you may experience some mild redness for an hour or two, and dark spots may take a couple of days to disappear, but there’s no reason you can’t resume your normal activities and even wear makeup.


The best time to start your Forever Young BBL treatments is before you actually need them. This is an excellent preventive treatment that can delay the signs of aging.

If you’ve had it with the broken promises of ineffective products, call Gago Wellness at 810-315-6863 today to schedule a Forever Young BBL treatment, or request a consultation using our online tool


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