Struggling with Acne? BBL™ Can Help

As long as acne has dotted adolescent faces and caused grown-ups to cancel social engagements, scientists and pharmaceutical companies have tried to solve the problem. Unfortunately, the condition still plagues people around the world.

If you suffer from embarrassing and painful acne, it may be time to think outside the bottle, or tube, or pill. At Gago Wellness, our expert aestheticians fight acne without creams, ointments, and medications — we use BroadBandLight™ (BBL) to tackle your tough acne and relieve your outbreaks for good.

A word about acne

First, let’s talk about what acne is. Those pimples and zits that pop up on your face, shoulders, chest, and back are actually little infected cysts. They erupt as a response to what’s going on under the surface of your skin.

Your skin’s pores are like breathing holes, but like most types of holes, they’re the perfect receptacle for dirt. Since we’re talking about your skin, add in dead skin cells and excess oils to the dirt from makeup, the environment, and daily living and you have a recipe for acne “mud” that settles in your pores and blocks them. 

Depending on what happens next, you may end up with:

And to add injury to insult, acne can also leave behind some permanent scarring. But BBL can get rid of the acne and the scars.

The power of BBL in the fight against acne

As long as you keep getting clogged pores, bacteria will take hold, and infection and inflammation will follow. That’s the never-ending cycle of acne. And every acne treatment on the market aims to disrupt that cycle by cleansing the pores, killing the bacteria, and eliminating the inflammation. But until now, the attempts have been lackluster at best.

Our Forever Young BBL works differently to achieve the same goals, and the outcome is highly successful.

The key is in the power of light. Scientists have known for centuries that light energy has immense power, and today, it’s used in multiple applications and industries. Here at Gago Wellness, it comes in a small handheld device that emits various wavelengths of intense pulsed light (IPL).

When we hover the device over the surface of your acneic skin, those wavelengths penetrate down into the inner layers and tackle your acne in three ways:

Blue light

We start your treatment with a pass of blue light, which has relatively short wavelengths. Blue light attacks the bacteria on the surface of your skin as well as in your pores and sebaceous glands.

Yellow light

The next step is a pass of yellow light to calm down the inflammation and tone down the redness. 

Red light

Finally, we finish up with a pass of red light to decrease oil production and trigger your body’s natural healing.

Altogether, these different types of light address your acne on three fronts. The best part is that you can stop experimenting with countless creams, medications, and alternative remedies that don’t work. 

When you’re ready to try something new for your acne, there’s hope in BBL. To get started on the last acne treatment you’ll ever need, just give us a call at 810-315-6863 here in Brighton, Michigan, or book your appointment online


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