Revolutionize Your Complexion with Fractora® Radiofrequency Treatments

Even if you’ve cared for your skin over the years, there comes a time when age and gravity surpass the power of over-the-counter remedies. This is about the time when many women, and a growing number of men, start researching ways to improve their complexions.

If you’re at that point, there’s good news. Our team of expert aestheticians at Gago Wellness in Brighton, Michigan offers a revolutionary treatment that can solve multiple skin issues without surgery or downtime. Fractora® radiofrequency therapy is a safe and effective way to improve your complexion and achieve younger, healthier-looking skin. Here’s what you need to know about it. 

Real change

Topical skin care products are a great way to keep your skin clean and moisturized. But if you’re trying to undo years of damage, creams and serums aren’t your best bet. That’s because your skin is designed as a barrier to keep things out — including the things you slather on for its own good — and most topical products just can’t break through.

Fractora radiofrequency treatments, on the other hand, remodel your skin from the inside out. A device outfitted with a matrix of micro pins sends gentle waves of energy that penetrate the top layer of skin (the epidermis) and get down to the dermis layer underneath. This process promotes tissue renewal, which repairs damage from within and gives you a firmer, smoother, more youthful complexion. 

Better texture

If wrinkles are your main concern, Fractora is a great choice. Radiofrequency treatments effectively resurface your skin by stimulating your body’s own production of collagen, the protein responsible for your skin’s elasticity and texture. 

Collagen also provides the structure your skin needs to resist the pull of gravity. So, if you have loose, crepey skin on your neck, Fractora can tighten the area, stop the sagging, and reduce your wrinkles. 

If you have mild-to-moderate scars or discoloration from acne or minor injuries, Fractora’s resurfacing capabilities can improve their appearance and give you a more even tone and texture.

Safe for everyone

Although there are many skin treatment options, not all are right for everyone. People with darker-toned skin are prone to postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, the discoloration that remains after even the most minor injuries to their skin, like a scrape or a pimple. 

Fractora radiofrequency has revolutionized skin resurfacing for those who are at-risk for hyperpigmentation because of its unique “color blind technology.” People of all skin tones and types can safely use Fractora without fear of discoloration after treatment.


Fractora is so effective that we’re confident you’ll love the way you look immediately, and that you’ll continue to see improvements over the next several weeks and months.

But if you have cosmetic concerns that Fractora alone doesn’t address, we can help you decide how to complement your treatment with other methods. At Gago Wellness, we offer the FracTotal Facial, a complete system that uses the radiofrequency fractional skin resurfacing found in Fractora in combination with nonablative dermal heating for targeted collagen remodeling and tightening. When both technologies are used together, we can counteract two of the main signs of aging skin: deterioration and descent.

If you have loose, wrinkled skin that lotions and creams just can’t hide, give us a call at Gago Wellness at 810-315-6863, or request a consultation online to find out if Fractora radiofrequency is right for you. 


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