How BBL™ BroadBand Light Can Turn Back the Clock on Your Skin

Have you ever dreamed of stopping the clock so you could look young forever? With BroadBand Light™ (BBL), you can. There’s not a more effective treatment in the world when it comes to reversing the effects of aging, sun damage, and an active lifestyle. 

Our expert technicians at Gago Wellness are highly trained and experienced in the art and science of skin rejuvenation, and we proudly offer you the most advanced treatment on the market — our Forever Young BBL. This revolutionary light therapy addresses a wide array of skin issues and leaves you looking fresher and younger than you have in years. 

BroadBand light (BBL) versus intense pulsed light (IPL)

The first dermatological use of intense pulsed light therapy was in the mid-1990s to treat port-wine stains on faces. It’s been used ever since as a go-to treatment for a variety of skin conditions. 


The concept is safe and simple: an electronic device emits bursts of intense light directed at your skin. That light converts to heat when it gets under the surface of your skin, and that heat destroys whatever it targets. If you want to get rid of excess pigmentation — age spots or sunspots — IPL can be calibrated to hit those targets and break up that freckle or patch of dark or red skin. It can also reduce the appearance of minor scars, redness, and large pores.


BroadBand light is similar to intense pulsed light in that they are both considered phototherapy treatments. But BBL uses a wider spectrum of wavelengths and is much more precise and powerful. In fact. BBL sets the bar for all anti-aging dermatological processes. Nothing matches its safety and effectiveness.

Whatever IPL can do, Forever Young BBL can do in half the time. That means if you need six sessions of IPL, you can get the job done with BBL in only three sessions, and with better results.

The Forever Young BBL wavelengths target hemoglobin and melanin in very specific layers of your skin. So, in addition to age spots, Forever Young BBL can also eliminate unwanted hair by destroying the follicle, banish broken capillaries, and even clear up your rosacea.

BBL goes beyond IPL

In addition to being more accurate and powerful than previous forms of IPL, our Forever Young BBL treatment comes with three revolutionary advancements.

Effectively treats acne 

If you have acne, you’ve got pores that are clogged with bacteria. You already know that creams and toners don’t work, and you may have even tried IPL. But nothing compares to Forever Young BBL. 

We start with blue light waves to go straight to the source — the bacteria. Then we use yellow light to calm the inflammation and redness. We finish your session with infrared light to stimulate your body’s own healing process. You won’t find a faster, more effective acne treatment anywhere.

Safe for dark skin

The original IPL treatments were not usually recommended for patients with darker skin tones because it can cause hyperpigmentation (dark patches) or hypopigmentation (light patches). On the other hand, Forever Young BBL is a highly controlled treatment that can avoid these unfortunate side effects of traditional IPL.

Reverses aging

That’s right — reverses aging — as in turns back the clock. This may be the single most amazing aspect of Forever Young BBL. This ground-breaking treatment is the only one of its kind that addresses the effects of aging skin at its source — deep under the surface. It has the specialized ability to target the skin molecules that cause aging, and it stimulates the regeneration of new, healthy skin. Clinical results show that those who use BBL have significantly younger-looking skin, all with no side effects and no downtime.

But remember, the technician you choose is even more important than the treatment itself. Trust our highly qualified team at Gago Wellness to administer your Forever Young BBL treatment accurately, professionally, and efficiently. Call us today for an appointment or request a consultation online. 


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