Don't Let Menopause Ruin Your Sex Life—See What Votiva® Can Do For You

Sex feels good. 

It also has an enormous effect on you physically and emotionally. Beyond the pleasure it gives in the moment, sex:

But let’s be honest — most of all, sex feels good. So what happens when sex no longer feels good? What if menopause has robbed you of that pleasure and intimacy?

The team at Gago Wellness understands, and we can help. With Votiva®, we can reverse the physical changes of menopause that turned lovemaking into a painful experience. This innovative nonsurgical procedure rejuvenates your vaginal area and allows you to enjoy sex as much as you did before you went through menopause.

What happens to your body in menopause?

Even before menopause officially hits, your hormone levels begin to drop. This stage is called perimenopause, and it marks the onset of the change. When your estrogen production decreases, it starts a chain reaction of changes to your vaginal tissues and the blood supply in that region. 

Your vulva and vagina become less elastic, meaning they can’t recover as well from being stretched. They also dry out as less moisture is produced, and they become thinner and more vulnerable to tears and bruising.

As a result, intercourse may feel tight and painful. Or it may feel too loose from weakened vaginal muscles, which prevents you and your partner from proper stimulation. You might notice a lack of sensation and arousal due to the decreased blood flow to the tissues. You may even have some bleeding, itching, burning, redness, and swelling.

When these symptoms impact your desire or ability to have sex, come see us. There’s no reason to suffer sexual decline just because of menopause. 

How Votiva helps you reclaim your sex life

Votiva works with your body to correct these menopausal symptoms and put the joy back in the bedroom. It uses advanced radio-frequency technology to prompt your body’s natural healing responses to do what they were designed to do — generate strong, healthy vaginal tissue.

By prompting your body to produce more collagen and elastin, Votiva helps strengthen the skin and muscles in your vagina and vulva. Once these tissues are rejuvenated, it creates a ripple effect on your feminine health: 

Votiva explained

Votiva is a safe, painless, and highly effective way to improve the look and feel of your vaginal area. Two techniques are involved: FormaV® works internally using a slim wand, and FractorV® works externally using a device with tiny, little pins. Both are FDA approved, and neither one requires hormones or surgery. 

Both parts of the procedure apply energy to your tissues that rejuvenate and remodel them so they return to their premenopausal state. 

The results start instantly and as collagen and elastin build, the results continue to develop. Retreatment to maintain the benefits and improvements as aging continues every 6-12 months is encouraged.

If menopause has wrecked your sex life, give us a call to schedule a Votiva consultation or book it online. Better sex could be only a day away.

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