Decreased Libido? Learn How Votiva® Can Help

As a woman, you ride an intense hormonal roller coaster ride throughout your life. From puberty and menstruation to childbirth and menopause, your body experiences extreme ups and downs that affect your physical, emotional, and mental health — and for many, a noticeable drop in sexual desire as you age. 

At Gago Wellness, in Brighton, Michigan, our team of highly trained aestheticians specialize in helping people look and feel good, because we understand the intrinsic connection between the two. Our technicians are skilled in the art and science of blending aesthetics and wellness using advanced technology and a personal touch. 

When it comes to low libido, we have helped women throughout the Brighton area recapture the joy of intimacy through vaginal rejuvenation with Votiva®.

What happened to your body?

To understand why sex is less desirable and less satisfying as you get older, you have to understand what happens to the female body over time. 


Your adrenal glands and ovaries produce your sex hormones — estrogen, progesterone, and even some testosterone — and release them into your bloodstream. These hormones are responsible for vital bodily functions such as bone and muscle growth, reproduction, hair growth, and yes, sexual desire.

When your hormones are imbalanced, you experience changes in your sex life. For instance, the more estrogen that’s present, the higher your sex drive, but too much progesterone can lower that drive.


When you deliver a baby vaginally, it can stretch out your vagina. Vaginal laxity decreases sensation and satisfaction during intercourse. Your partner may feel the difference, too. The loose vaginal environment makes arousal and satisfaction difficult.


Vaginal lubrication is essential to good sex. Decreased estrogen production means your vagina begins to lose its natural moisture and feels dry. This can lead to painful sex and avoidance of intimacy. 

How Votiva can help

Votiva is a type of radiofrequency (RF) technology that can restore your vagina to a more youthful state without drugs or surgery. It’s painless, safe, effective, and addresses your low libido in five ways.

1. Tightens your vagina

Votiva solves your laxity problem by stimulating an increased production of collagen and elastin, two proteins essential to the health and vitality of your skin. Our team gently inserts the Votiva device into your vagina to administer the healing RF pulses. That triggers your body’s natural ability to restore the lax vaginal tissues, strengthen the vaginal walls, and even the pelvic floor, which will help if you have incontinence. 

2. Increases lubrication

Your Votiva session, which only takes about 20 minutes, stimulates the growth of healthy tissue, which, in turn, releases more natural lubrication. This eliminates the pain from your sexual experience and allows you and your partner to enjoy it once again.

3. Increases blood flow

Your ability to feel the pleasure of sex depends on your ability to feel. And your ability to feel depends on a good blood supply. Votiva amps up the blood flow in your vaginal tissues so your senses are heightened, as is your pleasure.

4. Improves your look

Although you may not talk about it, the appearance of your untoned vagina may cause you to feel self-conscious during sex. Sagging or wrinkled labia not only affect sensitivity and desire, they may also affect your perceived desirability. Votiva includes two parts, FractoraV® and FormaV® — one addresses internal vaginal tissue, the other rejuvenates the external skin. Together, they make you look and feel good inside and out.

5. Brings back your desire

You can expect your libido — your desire for sex — to ebb and flow, but if yours is consistently low and you never have thoughts of sex (or just haven’t had a good experience for a while), Votiva can boost your confidence and enjoyment in the bedroom by increasing circulation and strengthening tissue.

If you want to address your vaginal laxity and get back to a healthy sex life, give us a call at 810-315-6863 or use our online scheduling tool to request a consult with one of our experts. 


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