Common Sexual Health Issues and What You Can Do About Them

Common Sexual Health Issues and What You Can Do About Them

When all is well with your sexual health, you can have sex whenever you want and enjoy it when you do. That’s the ideal, but the reality may be a lot different. Although it seems like a simple physical act, a lot of variables affect your sexual health, including psychological, emotional, physical, social, environmental, and interpersonal factors. 

If you find that you’re unable to have sex, uninterested in sex, or can’t enjoy sex, you may benefit from psychological counseling or a change in medication, but more often than not, female sexual dysfunction stems from physical changes due to childbirth, aging, and/or menopause.

At Gago Wellness in Brighton, Michigan, our team of master medical aestheticians treats these issues with painless, nonablative radiofrequency technology. Here are the most common sexual health issues this treatment can resolve.

Lack of interest in sex

Lack of interest in sex, also called low sex drive or low libido, can stop the fun before it begins. As we mentioned, several factors can contribute to this feeling (or lack of feeling), including negative emotions, past experiences, depression, stress, and relationship problems. 

But very often, the problem is simply that your vaginal tissues have changed over time. As your hormones fluctuate through different stages of your life, it affects the lubrication in your vagina, which is an important component in sexual desire and enjoyment. You may also have a decreased amount of blood flow in the region — another key part of your libido.

Pain during sex

Nothing kills the mood quite like pain. Again, a dry vagina may be to blame here, which is common when estrogen levels are low, following trauma (including childbirth and an episiotomy), or when you have an infection, such as a sexually transmitted disease. 

Vaginismus, involuntary muscle spasms in the vagina, may also be the culprit. Another factor may be enlarged labia, which interfere with smooth penetration.

No enjoyment from sex

Arousal is the first step in the sexual act — or at least, in the enjoyment of it. Sure, you can go through the motions of sex, but in order to experience physical pleasure and achieve climax, you must be aroused first. If you find you can’t become aroused or you can’t experience a climax, it may be because your vaginal muscles are weak or the skin inside your vagina is too lax. 

This is a common occurrence among women after childbirth, especially if they’ve delivered multiple babies vaginally. It also happens to many women after menopause and as a natural progression of aging.

How to restore your sexual health

If you’ve ruled out or resolved mental and physical health issues, and your sexual health challenges can be chalked up to loose skin, weakened muscles, and low blood flow, we can help.

Using a small, handheld device called Votiva®, we apply radiofrequency energy to your vaginal tissues. It penetrates your skin and triggers some significant changes below the surface. The procedure is painless and comfortable, and it requires no anesthesia or medication of any kind. Votiva works on two types of tissues with two complementary technologies: FractoraV® and FormaV®

FractoraV tightens your external labial tissues by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. For many women who may be considering labiaplasty (surgical correction of enlarged labia), FractoraV may provide similar results without the surgery. 

FormaV also tightens external skin, smoothing out wrinkles, and thickening and improving  the tissues that can be the cause of painful intercourse.

Benefits of Votiva

There is a long list of positive changes, including:

In addition to the boon in your sex life, Votiva can address mild urinary incontinence, which can also add to your confidence level in the bedroom. 

There’s no “normal” standard you need to meet when it comes to having sex, but if you’re not staisfied with the way things are going, come see us at Gago Wellness, We offer a private and discreet environment that’s both comfortable and medically professional. We can let you know if Votiva can improve your sexual health. Request a consultation online, or call us at 810-315-6863 today. 

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