A Closer Look at BBL® Technology

A Closer Look at BBL® Technology

At Gago Wellness, we take skin care seriously. Our top priority is your wellness and safety, so we only offer products and treatments that ensure you walk away with healthy skin and excellent results. 

That’s why we love the Sciton line of BroadBand Light (BBL®) technologies. Our master aestheticians are highly trained and experienced in the use of BBL therapy, and we help men and women throughout Brighton, Michigan achieve younger-looking skin through safe and simple light-based treatments. Here’s what you need to know.

The science behind BBL

BBL is a form of intense pulsed light therapy (IPL), which has been around for years, but BBL far surpasses all other versions available today. This advanced technology uses multiple wavelengths of light energy to target cells deep within your skin layers. 

As the light energy passes through your tissues, it gently heats up the damaged cells and breaks them down so your body can dispose of them. Soon, your cells regenerate and restore your skin’s natural texture and tone, so it looks brighter, smoother, and younger.

We offer specialized BBL treatments for several different skin conditions.

Forever Young BBL

One of our most popular BBL treatments is Forever Young BBL. This amazing treatment addresses the signs of aging, like sun damage and wrinkles. By replacing old cells with new ones, your skin takes on a refreshed appearance, and Forever Young BBL also has Prejuvenation™ properties that enable your skin to continue fighting the signs of aging on its own. 

Forever Clear BBL™

If you’ve tried every cleanser and cream available to fight your acne but can’t seem to get rid of it, it may be time to take the fight to the inside. Forever Clear BBL sends light energy into your acne-prone skin and wages the war on three levels:

  1. Blue light kills bacteria deep within your pores
  2. Yellow light puts an end to inflammation
  3. Infrared light triggers your body’s natural healing processes

Forever Clear BBL eradicates your acne and leaves you with healthier skin. 

BBL Corrective

Freckles, age spots, rosacea, and broken capillaries can ruin your otherwise smooth complexion. That’s where BBL Corrective comes in. The light energy targets areas of hyperpigmentation, such as red patches, brown spots, and visible capillaries. Once these areas absorb the light energy, they break into small particles that your body flushes away, so you can enjoy even-toned skin once again.

Forever Bare BBL

If it sounds like BBL therapy does it all, wait until you hear this —  it eliminates unwanted hair, too! 

Forever Bare BBL™ sends light energy under the surface of your skin and zeroes in on the hair follicles. Once destroyed, those follicles can longer produce new hair, so you can ditch your razors and hot wax for good.

How to choose the right BBL treatment

We trust the technology behind Sciton’s BBL devices because they’re the safest, most powerful IPL instruments on the market. They also address a wide range of skin conditions, and some of them do double duty. So if you're confused about which one is best for your skin, just talk with one of our experts, and we’ll help you navigate your options.

We also offer several other amazing skin treatments, including Fractora®, a revolutionary radiofrequency skin-tightening technology that also stimulates collagen for ongoing firmness. 

To schedule a consultation, call or book online today. We can help you transform your skin with the power of light.

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