5 Popular Anti-Aging Treatments for Your Skin


When you’re trying to guess someone’s age, what do you look for? If you’re like most people, you start with the face. You look for classic signs of aging, such as wrinkles, deep creases, dark spots, blotchy patches, scars, and loose skin. 

If you'd rather keep people guessing about your age, our team at Gago Wellness in Brighton, Michigan, offers several noninvasive, anti-aging treatments that can make you look and feel much younger than you are. Here are our five most popular treatments.

1. Avène

The environment does a number on your skin, and as you age, you don’t have the same powers of protection as you did when you were younger. So, your first line of defense against premature aging is using the right products that fortify your skin’s ability to retain moisture, deflect the sun’s harmful rays, and shed dead skin cells. 

Our years of experience and research have convinced us that one of the best product lines to address these issues is Avène

We recommend starting your anti-aging skin care regimen in your 20s, so you prevent the damage rather than trying to repair it later. These products can’t stop time, but they can supply your skin with essential elements, such as retinol and antioxidants to battle the harsh effects of the environment and premature signs of aging.

2. Chemical peels

Your skin has three distinct layers of skin, and many of the classic signs of aging reside within the outermost layer called the epidermis. If you could just remove that layer, most of your wrinkles and blemishes would go with it.

That’s what chemical peels do. Using various types of acids, we apply a solution over the surface of your skin, and over the next few days, your skin reacts with the acids and begins to slough off its outer layer. 

Chemical peels come in different strengths, from mild to deep, and the strongest acids target deeper tissues. Once we meet with you and analyze your skin, we can let you know which type will help you reach your goals.

3. Forever Young™ BBL™

One of our most popular anti-aging treatments uses the power of light to diminish the problems of older skin. BroadBand Light™ (BBL) technology is a type of intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy that directs focused beams of light energy down through the layers of your skin. At Gago Wellness, we trust Forever Young BBL for its precision and control.

When we hover the Forever Young BBL device over your treatment area, the light energy penetrates your skin and activates the genes within your tissues to renew production of collagen, a protein your body makes to give your skin, hair, nails, and connective tissues their strength and resilience. 

Forever Young BBL dissipates your crepey wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots not only on your face, but on other body parts that are showing their age as well.

4. Fractora®

Another classic sign of aging is loose, sagging skin. The main reason this happens is that you naturally produce less collagen as you get older, so your skin loses its ability to fight the effects of gravity. With less volume and structure, your skin has nowhere to go but down. Skin laxity is what drives many people to get a surgical facelift, but we can help you tighten your skin without such drastic measures.

Fractora uses radiofrequency (RF) technology, which encourages cell turnover and has a visible tightening effect on the surface above. Fractora’s RF waves also trigger the production of even more collagen, along with its partner elastin, another fibrous protein that gives your skin the ability to stretch and recover.

5. Votiva®

Your vaginal mucosa or tissue experiences the same laxity, dryness, and thinning that you see on your face. Symptoms of age-related vaginal changes include loose skin, weakened muscles, low lubrication, decreased sensitivity, painful intercourse, and mild incontinence.

Votiva corrects these issues with two distinct but complementary technologies: FractoraV® and FormaV®. Like the Fractora device we use to treat your facial flaws, these treatments also rely on the rejuvenating power of RF technology.

FormaV addresses internal vaginal issues. We insert a smooth, slender probe into your vagina where it emits the RF waves through the walls and deep into the layers of your vaginal tissue, tightening muscles, triggering the release of lubricating mucus, and stimulating collagen.

FractoraV addresses external vaginal issues, shoring up loose and wrinkled skin, reducing inflammation, and improving the look of your labia.

Whatever skin problems are giving your age away, we can treat them, so you can keep people guessing. To find out which one is right for you, call us at 810-315-6863, or request a consultation online today.


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